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Congregation of the Sisters of the Holy Name of Jesus

under the protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Help of Christians


In the middle of 19th century, young Waclaw, known today as bl. Honorat Koźmiński, dedicated his life to the service of Christ, to the “Love that is not loved”, becoming the son of St. Francis of Assisi. Fr. Honorat ceaselessly listening to the voice of the Lord had read the sign of the time and tried of find God’s will in them.

In difficult situation of our country (lost freedom, invasion) he had founded many religious congregations, they were helping people, who were the poorest and rejected by the world. One of them is the Congregation of Sisters of the Name of Jesus, without habits, founded in 1887. Its origin and character are closely connected with annulment of the religions congregations in the Russian Partition after the collapse of the January Uprising.

Sisters of the Name of Jesus are following quiet and Eucharistic life, which our Lord has chosen living among people in the sacramental manner. The Co-Founders of the Congregation is the Servant of God Franciszka Maria Witkowska. Under the instruction of bl. Honorat, she organised life and apostolic activity of the newborn Congregation being only 21 years old.

At the beginning sisters undertook the apostolate among women involved in handicraft, aiming at the religious and moral renewal of this social group of working women. Sisters tried to bring Jesus close to them, showing the value of work done in the evangelical spirit. The religious community grew fast and spread dynamically; starting schools, hostels, kindergartens and children homes.

Today, we desire everywhere and in different way to carry the Name of Jesus to the ends of the world and serve every human that we meet on our way of life and speak to everyone: “JESUS LOVES YOU”. We do that by our way of life, prayer, penance, educational work (having our own centres), serving sick, working at the parishes and undertaking the mission work on different continents of the world. In the New Century and the New Millennium we desire to help the modern human, lost in the chaos and noise of the world to find again CHRIST, the only LORD and SAVIOUR.